Large fleet of 12 clean very well maintained 
aircraft including 4 LSA type aircraft ready for
training and private hire.
Fly Synthesis - Flight Design - Tecnam - Piper - Cessna - Beechcraft aircraft





Professionally trained GA/RA instructors eager to assist you along your aviation journey. RPC - RPL -PPL - CPL - NVFR - MECIR




YCDR has 2 sealed runways giving students the ability to become proficient on both standard & cross wind landings. Air-conditioned office and 3 briefing rooms with all facilities.



We can help you arrange easy low cost finance
for your training if required. Simply call us to
find out how.



All RAAus exams (No Cost) and CASA PEXO exams up to & including PIFR. Flight training / testing through to MECIR  No need to travel any extra distance. 




Available to school students under 18 years with an interest in learning to fly. Save up to $500 on your Recreational Certificate.






Inspire Aviation is a fully approved CASA / RAAus approved flight training facility located in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast.  
                 CASA Part 141 FTO 0343





All RAAus pre-flight briefings are included in your flight training program. No extra costs.
Access to online LMS available for all students.



Now that things are starting to return to normal, its time to get the economy going again!

Here at Inspire Aviation we are doing our part with this exceptional offer.

Until the end of August 2020, we are offering a discounted rate of just $285.00 P/H dual training

in any of our 4 LSA aircraft. We have also reduced the cost of Private Hire to $175.00 P/H inc.

No Charge for Pre & Post Flight Theory Briefings - No Cost for Exams up to RPC

New students commencing training during this period will also receive a Start up Pack  which

includes the following items when committing to 3 lessons a week.

Inspire Aviation Cap / Pen / Keytag

BAK Training Manual

Casa Approved Logbook

Unlimited Sim Useage

Local VTC Map




CPL  Flight Training


Inspire Aviation runs Commercial Pilot Licence Courses all year round.
Before you can attempt the CPL flight test, you must pass 7 theory examinations, covering Performance, Law, Aerodynamics, Human Factors, Meteorology, Navigation and General Aircraft Knowledge.

For your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL A) flight test, you will be flying with an approved testing officer and will be tested on similar issues as the PPL except that the knowledge and skill areas will be covered more comprehensively.
Passing the CPL test and being issued with the licence entitles you to carry passengers for hire or reward, in association with a licensed air service operator. This licence is needed to operate as a light aircraft charter pilot. You will now be able to fly as pilot in command of single pilot aircraft or as co-pilot in multi-crew aircraft.

Course Structure

To complete a Commercial Licence you will have to complete the 3 CPL training stages:

Stage 1: 7 Commercial Theory Subjects

Inspire Aviation does run full time dedicated theory courses twice a year. We also have instructors on hand to help guide you through the self study books.

Stage 2: Hour Building

Hour building can be completed during your theory studies. Following your PPL you will have around 10 Command hours. To complete the CPL course you must have a total of 100 Command hours.

Stage 3: Advanced Training

CPL training and other ratings and endorsements (Night Rating, CSU, Retractable Ect.). Again these ratings and endorsements can be completed during the Theory study and Hour building.

Course Times

Each course is tailored to the individual and is not run on set course dates. You may undergo this training on a full-time, part-time or casual basis.

Course Duration

The Commercial Pilot Licence course time frame is dependent on variables, such as weather conditions and student apptitude and commitment.

Aircraft used for training

Inspire Aviation generally conducts initial CPL training in our fleet of Cessna 172R aircraft. Following a CSU and Retractable endorsement, we then finish the CPL training in our Piper Arrow4  or Cessna 182  with a CSU/Retractable undercarriage. We do from time to time complete CPL training in the owners own private aircraft or aircraft sourced from other places.

Course Components

Flying is always the fun part! Some students find it hard to study the theory component, here at Inspire Aviation we can offer students tailored theory packages to help complete the required theory examinations.


If you would like more information about our Commercial Pilot Licence course please contact us:

Inspire Aviation
E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
P: 07 5641 1220


Why Choose Inspire Aviation?





Inspire Aviation is located on the Caloundra Airfield just north of Brisbane City. The airfield has two sealed strips allowing students to gain a solid understanding and knowledge of crosswind situations.  At present, Caloundra has no landing fees and we are in our training area as soon as we are airbourne. This saves on extra costs travelling to and from the airfield and costs associated with landing fees. All this and a very picturesque training area to learn to fly in.


Inspire Aviation offers the most affordable and inexpensive flight training on the Caloundra airfield. This includes both Recreational and General Aviation. Start your flying training at just $285.00 P/H   No cost flight briefings or exam fees up to RAAus RPC. Private hire starts at $175.00 P/H (LSA)  $185 P/H (GA)



Inspire Aviation have 4 LSA aircraft including 2 x Fly Synthesis Texans, 1 x Tecnam Sierra  and a CTLS for RAAus training. The GA fleet now includes 2 Beechcraft Skippers, 2 ~ Cessna 172,  2 ~ Piper Cherokees,  1~Cessna 210, 1 ~ Piper Cherokee Six 300  1 ~ Piper Arrow 4. All aircraft are available for training and private hire. Check our competitive rates.



All theory and flight training is conducted one on one. You won't be subjected to multiple student briefings, but one on one with your instructor so you can ask questions along the way and gain a strong understanding of aeronautical knowledge. All briefings are to the standard required by CASA for the issue of  RPL PPL . This makes for an easy transition to larger General Aviation aircraft should you choose later to further your aviation licenses.



Inspire Aviation have an inhouse aviator store where we carry on hand a full range of maps and charts, license holders,  ERSA etc. We also have a full range of navigation equipment, training manuals, ANR Bluetooth headsets, caps , jackets and polo's.


Inspire Aviation is the only aviation school on the Caloundra airfield holding both General Aviation and Recreational  Aviation training approvals. We hold approvals for RAAus Certificates including Instructor Training, along w
ith CASA approvals for training up to Commercial Pilot and Instructor & Instrument ratings. Upon finishing your training, there are 12 aircraft available in our fleet for you to hire. We can take you from RPC - CPL - NVFR here without leaving the area.