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Inspire Special Offers

Inspire Aviation is proud to be recognised as one of Australia’s leading professional Recreational & General Aviation Flight training facilities. Our popularity is well known as we offer a variety of packages and services to everyone who is learning to fly, and we do everything possible to ensure that each student is successful in their journey of becoming a pilot.

Here is a list of the types of flying lessons we provide along with additional services that you can enjoy from Inspire Aviation.

Discovery Flights


The perfect way to kick start your flying experience! We are sure that once you have finished the discovery flight you will be itching to start your flying lessons and the journey of becoming a pilot. Read More


Inspired Aviators Starter Packages

inspired aviators starter packs

Customized for all new students to experience the fun in flying from their very first lesson. Read More



Pilot Certificates

Pilot Certificates at Inspire Aviation

We have the most experienced trainers in the Sunshine Coast area who will guide you through every step of your training for your pilot certificate. Read More



Advanced Certificates

Inspire Aviation Dream Believe Succeed

Once you are a pilot the itch to extend your knowledge and experience does not always go away. Inspire Aviation will help you to achieve the advanced certificate. Read More





Inspire Aviation Endorsements

All pilots are able to achieve various endorsements on their original pilot certificate, whether you started your lessons with us or you already hold a pilot Certificate and want to continue and complete further endorsements, we are able to help you. Read More




Flight Instructor Rating

Flight Instructor Rating Inspire Aviation

After you have completed everything you want to complete as a pilot, you can further your knowledge and become an instructor. Spread the passion of flying and teach others with the same patience and understanding that you received from Inspire Aviation. Read More



RA-Aus to GA Conversions
Flight Training1  

GA to RA (Aus) Conversions

RA Aus Conversions

The team at Inspire Aviation is able to assist you with your conversion course as well. All General Aviation pilots who want to become a Recreational Aviation pilot can simply follow the procedure and convert their licence. Read More




Biennial Flight Review

inspire aviation bfr

The Biennial Flight Review is commonly referred to as the AFR / BFR.  This is a course that is required by government to be repeated every two years.  Read More




RA (AUS) Ground Theory

inspire aviation ground theory

The RA (AUS) Ground Theory course is the theory part of the courses available to become a pilot.  Read More




Online Exam Center

inspire aviation recreational flight training

The Online Exam Center is a special service only offered by Inspire Aviation, where you can take a variety of examinations in the comfort of your home.  Read More

For more information on any of the above, simply navigate to the detailed pages with the "Read More" button.  If you have made your decision and know what you want to learn, then click on the button below and start your new journey full of fun and excitement and flying lessons!


CASA Approval: CASA.141 FTO.0021

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