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Who will conduct my training?

All your training will be conducted by a fully qualified commercial pilot who holds a flight instructor rating. You can elect to keep the same instructor for all your lessons, or choose more than one instructor for more flexibility in making bookings - the option is yours.

Where can I fly?

Student pilots may only go to places allowed by their instructors. Initially Students can only solo at the delegated airfield. With additional flight training, students may be checked solo in the associated Flight Training Area. In effect, students are flying on the credentials of their flight check as designated or approved by their flying Instructor. Recreational pilots must stay within a limited radius of their home airports, but have the option to pursue additional training to fly outside of this boundary. Private pilots may fly essentially anywhere in the world.

When will I actually begin flying?

Students begin with a lot of help from their assigned flight instructors. From the very first lesson, students will be flying the aircraft. Students fly with decreasing levels of assistance as lessons progress, leading up to that important milestone: the first solo flight. When students reach this point, their flight instructor endorses them to practice takeoffs and landings at the local airport. There is no set time limit on the first solo flight. Instructors won't allow students to operate aircraft alone until they demonstrate proficiency in the required maneuvers.

What kinds of airplanes will I fly?

While regulations do not specify what type of aircraft must be used for flight training, Inspire Aviation uses only RA(Aus) Approved single-engine aircraft. Flight schools typically use both two- and four-seat aircraft with one engine and fixed landing gear. Most training aircraft fly at around 150 kmh and can stay aloft for over four hours at a time. Speed is not important during the learning stage, because students must concentrate on how to fly rather than where to go. Once students become private pilots, they may go on to fly advanced aircraft with sophisticated navigation systems, and six-passenger capability.

What is the first Step?

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CASA Approval: CASA.141 FTO.0021

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