Gleyn - CEO/Head of Operations

Gleyn is the H.O.O  &  Chief Flying Instructor here at Inspire Aviation. He has some 30 years of aviation experience including charter and commercial operations both here and in the United States, complemented by his colourful career as an instructor. Gleyn's qualifications include a General Aviation Chief Flying Instructor Rating,  Aust. & USA Commercial Pilot Licences & R.A.Aus DCFI and Pilot Examiner Approval. No matter what you would like to achieve in aviation, Gleyn is a wealth of knowledge and experience ready to assist you on your journey from Pilot Certificate all the way to CPL.

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Melissa - Administration

Melissa is a driving force of Inspire Aviation, working behind the scenes to deliver a first class experience to all clients. With her friendly administrative skill, Melissa commits her time to inspiring others to follow their dreams to become an aviator. The next time you enquire about flying with Inspire Aviation, she will likely be the smile on the other end of the conversation, ready to help you take the first steps on your journey ahead.

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Samson - RAAus - Chief Flying Instructor

Samson joined the team here at Inspire Aviation after completing his training and Instructor Ratings here at the school and is now the RAAus Chief Flying Instructor. Samson is a CASA qualified Commercial Pilot holding both General Aviation and Recreational Flight Instructor ratings. He is also a qualified ground theory Instructor offering professional theory training up to CPL & MECIR. If you're ready to take the first step, Samson is available to assist you along your journey to becoming a pilot. 

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Hannah - Senior Flying Instructor

Hannah started her aviation journey right here at Inspire Aviation, and has progressed over the years to become our first female Flight Instructor. Hannah holds a Commercial Pilot Licence, CASA Flight Instructor Rating and RAAus Senior flight instructor Rating. Her youth and enthusiasm bring an energy to your flight training experience that is hard to replicate.  Hannah is happy to take the time to show you around and get you started on your aviation journey.


Mitch - Senior Flying Instructor

Holding both CASA and RAAus Instructor ratings, Mitch Vayro joined the Inspire Aviation family in 2021. Since completing his ratings, Mitch has gained extensive experience in glider towing is more than happy to sit with you and guide you through the requirements for obtaining your Certificate or Licence. 




Luigi - Senior Flying Instructor

Luigi is a Commercial Pilot holding both RAAus & General Aviation Instructor ratings. A passion for flying and passing on knowledge and skills is what drives him. Time for your IFR renewal, then give him a call.  If you have ever thought of learning to fly, Luigi is here with the rest of our Inspire Family to assist you along your journey.




Riley- Flying Instructor

Riley joined the team after completing his RAAus and GA flight training. Now the holder of an Instructor rating, Riley enjoys any chance he gets to fly, training new pilots and passing on the knowledge he has gained.